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The Geological Society Newsletter is published three times a year and is available either by e-mail or by postage to all paid up members of the Society. Please feel free to request back copies (for a fee) or send comments to our Newsletter Editor. Contributions to the newsletter on any topic related to geology are always welcome

Talk - Invictus Energy Project Update

On 20th March  2019, John Clark and Scott Macmillan updated 30 members of the Society on the Invictus Energy Project and in particular: - 
"The Re-interpretation of the Mobil legacy Geophysical Data".
Getech and Invictus have agreed to donate all of the reprocessed gravity and magnetic data to the Zimbabwe Geological Survey so that it may be used by the public.
A copies of the presentations can be found below:-

Talk - Exploration of blind copper ore bodies - Discovery, evaluation and resource estimation- A case Study from South of Angola - Godfrey Gundani

On Friday 3rd May 2019,  Godfrey Gundani, Project Manager for SMCA - SOCIEDADE MINEIRA DE COBRE DE ANGOLA, talked to the Society about the exploration project he as been working on in the Mavoio and Tetelo-Bembe Concession along Angola's Western Copper Belt.
The talk was attended by 30 members and students.

Short Course - Gold Mineralization Styles in Zimbabwe and Reporting of Exploration Results

A short course was held in the Jan Kramers Museum,  Geology Department at UZ on 31st January and 1st February 2019.   
Course presenters included Forbes Mugumbate, Gayle Hanssen,  Godfrey Chagondah, Billmore Nemahwe and Tania Marshall.
Day 1: Covered the importance of gold in the Zimbabwe mining scene; an overview of gold deposits and mineralization as applicatble to Zimbabwe;  gold exploration of greenstone-hosted lode gold deposits and mining of greenstone-hosted lode gold deposits
Day 2:  Covered the mining of sulphide-hosted gold d

AGM 2019

The 2019 AGM was held at 1700 hours on 8th March 2019 at The Borrowdale Country Club, Helensvale, Harare
 The following agenda was dicussed:
1. Convening of Meeting
 2. Obituaries  and Minute of Silence
 3. Apologies
 4. Minutes of Previous AGM
    -Consideration and approval of the minutes
   -Matters arising not covered  elsewhere in the agenda
 5. Chairman’s Statement – Steven Duma
 6. Treasurer’s report – Collins Mwatahwa -  see presentation below.

Chewore Trip 2018

38 Members participated in a  4 day trip to the Maunde Ophiolite in the Chewore Inliers and to the Ntumbe dinosaur footprints from the 7th to 10th September 2018

Summer Symposium 2018

The Summer Symposium was held on 6th September 2018 at the Geological Department at the University of Zimbabwe.  The event was well supported with some 75 members in attendance.
The program was as follows and presentations can be uploaded from the list below:
Steve Duma:-  Geological Society Chair:-  Welcome
Mku T Ityokumbul,  UZ-Zimplats Professor, School of Earth and Mineral Sciences:-  Official Opening and Introduction to new School of Earth and Mineral Sciences
Lewis Ashwal:-  2018,  GSSA AL du Toi

Talk - Petrogenesis of Cr-enriched chromites from Prince Mine, Mashava Igneous Complex - Jeff Chaumba

On Friday 1st June 2018,  2016 Jeff Chaumba, a graduate of University of Zimbabwe and now with the University of North Carolina at Pembroke,  gave a talk entitled:-
'Petrogenesis of Cr-enriched chromites from Prince Mine, Mashava Igneous Complex'
The talk centred on results of microprobe anlayses of a series of chromitite samples collected in 1969 on a trip led by Jim Wilson and stored in the USA since then.  Jeff's data suggest a convergent margin boundary rather than a layered mafic intrusion origin for the Mashava Igneous Complex.

AGM 2018

The 2018 AGM was held at 1700 hours on 9th MArch 2018 at The Country Club (CFX) Brompton Road, Highlands, Harare