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Sppnsorship to Attend SEG WIndhoek Conference

Registration Deadline: Early 22nd July 2024 Regular 12th September 2024.
The GSZ would like to sponsor two speakers from Zimbabwe the SEG Conference in Windhoek in
September. The aim is to assist speakers who will highlight the geology of Zimbabwe This is funded
from Institutional Membership subscriptions.
The sponsorship towards attending the conference includes:-
1. $1000 to a paid up member who has had an abstract accepted by the SEG
2. $600 to a registered student member. Priority will be given to one that has some participation (poster session) in the conference.
Please submit the applications prior to the 30th June 2024 to GSZ to allow an early registration and to take advantage of these discounts. Your application should highlight what involvement you will have in the conference and how you will showcase Zimbabwean Geology. Please also indicate how you plan to fund the remainder of the costs associated with attending the conference.
The GSZ would like to acknowledge the following Institutional members who have paid their subscriptions to allow availability of funds for this sponsorship:
Blanket Mines ; Chamber of Mines, Zimbabwe ; Dallaglio. ; GeoAssociates (Pvt) Limited ; MaxGeo ; Prospect Resources ; Unki Mine (Anglo American Corporation) ; Zimbabwe Platinum Mines Limited
* The GSZ will be using part of the Institutional Membership subscription in 2024 to fund the Keynote
Speaker of the MacGregor Memorial Lecture: