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Victoria Falls

Grid Ref (WGS84 Lat/Long in decimal degrees)

-17.923277, 25.847182
Victoria Falls
Batoka Basalt - Karoo

Our understanding of the geology of Victoria Falls and surroundings is underpinned by the meticulous studies and exceptional field observational skills of a remarkable group of geologists. Initial geological field investigations were carried out by AJC Molyneux and GW Lamplugh in the early 1900’s. HB Maufe (in 1938) made exceptionally detailed descriptions and prescient interpretations of the Kalahari beds exposed in railway cuttings just south of Victoria Falls Station. Seventy-five years later, these are arguably still the best available records of these enigmatic sediments. In 1950 the archaeologist J Desmond Clark and geologist (Sir) Frank Dixey produced a remarkable monograph on the lithic artefacts associated with the gravels and alluvial sediments fringing the Zambezi channel. These pioneering studies, and the observations of Alex du Toit, John Wellington and Geoff Bond form the basis for our understanding of the evolution of the Victoria Falls and lower gorges

Access to the Falls controlled by NPWMA
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Andy Moore