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Pink paragneiss (meta-arkose) of the Malaputese Group

Grid Ref (WGS84 Lat/Long in decimal degrees)

-18.511660, 26.959520
Along Bulawayo Falls Road
Malaputese Group

At this outcrop locality, about 10 km further NW from the previous stop, there are numerous roadside outcrops of strongly recrystallized pink paragneiss of the Malaputese Group. The gneisses are interpreted as meta-arkoses, and some show relict cross bedding. They have yielded a detrital zircon population that ranges in age from 2254 ± 18 to 2796 ± 17 Ma, with a strong age peak at ca. 2.7 Ga (Master et al., 2013a,b). In terms of age and lithology, the correlation of the Malaputese Group with the Deweras Group (which has a maximum age of 2235 ± 32 Ma; Glynn et al., 2012), as suggested by Master et al. (2010), is confirmed. The detrital zircon population indicates that at the time of deposition of the Malaputese Group, the basement rocks that were exposed in the provenance areas for the sediments were mainly 2.7 Ga Archaean rocks of the Zimbabwe Craton. 

Further Reading: 
Geological Society of Zimbabwe Annual Summer Symposium, Victoria Falls, 28-30 November 2013, Field Excursion Guidebook "An Introduction to the geology and geochronology of the Dete-Kamativi Inlier" by Dr Sharad Master of the Economic Geology Research Institute, School of Geosciences, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa,
Author Credit: 
Sharad Master