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Hokonui Formation Agglomerates

Grid Ref (WGS84 Lat/Long in decimal degrees)

-20.427222, 29.911944
Immediately south of the Mtshingwe River Bridge on the Zvishavane-Bulawayo Road there is a road which follows the south bank of the river for about 2km before it reaches the old Mberengwa Road. Some 700m along the old road from the river is a cattle grid. A path to the east leads to the Dohwe river, an easterly trending section of which has exposed various pyroclastic flows
Hokonui Formation, Mtshingwe Group

Narrow, fine-grained pyroclastic layers show graded bedding and flame structures.


These give way to a thick sequence of agglomerates with the dominant clasts having a similar composition to the matrix. In thin section the clasts consist of albite phenocrysts set in a dirty saussuritic groundmass containing feldspar microlites and minute quartz grains. The clast margins are very fine-grained and almost opaque except for random feldspar microlites.


The matrix to the clasts consists of cryptocrystalline volcanic fragments, blebs of chlorite, coarse clinozoisite and some anhedral feldspar megacrysts. A single ironstone clast was noted from these

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Author Credit: 
Tony Martin